Who are the Board Members? Board Members attend the few yearly meetings that are necessary for the functioning of the GBEF Board Members keep brochures on hand at home to share with potential donors Board Members renew contacts with professional businesses, i.e. tax consultants, law offices, financial planners, etc. to continue being visible in the surrounding communities Board Members fill different positions: President He/She communicates meeting dates, time and location for the coming year (ideally), and he/she creates the agenda. The President sees that the GBEF is moving forward to its next agenda The President ends a meeting by reminding everyone as to when the next meeting is scheduled He/She calls the High School in August to schedule a presentation at the first Faculty Meeting. It reminds the teachers that money is available for the students as well as for some of their programs He/She takes on responsibility of being sure that Thank You cards are sent to Board Members if they give a donation for the school, and reminds the Administration to say Thank You by taking the Board out to lunch. Saying Thank You, even (or especially) to Board Members is a polite and very important nicety to uphold Secretary Keeps minutes of the meetings Sends Thank You notes and letters when appropriate Corresponding & Recording Secretary position if needed Treasurer Picks up the current financial information; including how much is in the account, distributions made, outstanding distributions yet to be paid out, Special Account Balance, etc. The invested OCF money is evaluated at the beginning of the school year, then divided and sub-divided. 50% to School Programs (10% of that is designated to Riley Creek) and 50% is designated Senior Scholarships. The other gifts are delegated according to the individual donor's special requests