Dakota Hensley

Thank you for awarding me the $500 Central Curry District/Freeman Scholarship.  With this scholarship, it will help me to complete another year at Oregon Tech.  I have changed majors from my previous application and I am now pursuing a Bachelors degree in Nuclear Medicine/Medical Imaging Technology.  With this major, I can look at the way organs within the body are functioning and the overall appearance of the organ as well.

 By working here in Gold Beach, I hope to get my externship at Curry General Hospital.  I would be able to get scan and patient hours needed for my schooling and give back to the community.  Coming back to Gold Beach and working has been one of my goals in my life and finishing school is the first step to achieving that goal.  Granting me this scholarship has pushed me to strive harder within the class room and out n the Klamath Falls community.  I joined Circle K, a volunteer support group, because I learned that giving back is one of things a person can do to help their community.

it is my honor to be able to receive this scholarship and prusue my goals of finishing schooling.  Having the suppor tof a small town and the people who make me strive to meet these goals has made me excel at college.  Thank you, again for the $500 scholarship.  With this generouse donation, I will finish my goals at Oregon Tech.