Rosemarie Springer

Thank you tremendously for awarding me the Soroptimist International and Maurine O’Conner scholarships!

This means so much to me as I have been very conscious of how much furthering my education is going to cost me.  My parents started a family at the age of 19.  With a wife and three kids at home, my father worked full time and still managed to earn his master’s degree.  With plenty of his own debt from student loans, he doesn’t have the money to help me and my three siblings through school the way the government assumes he can.  Because of you and a few other scholarship foundations, I can go to school with little to no cost and save up money for a better future for myself and my future family, a luxury my father never had, nor could he offer.

I will be earning my associate’s degree at Southwestern Oregon Community College and then move on to Western Governors University to earn my bachelor’s degree in marketing.  I will focus on logo and web design to be able to create a company based out of my home.  Traditional family values are important to me, so a job from home could keep me a working class woman while also allowing me to be a full-time homemaker or stay-at-home mother.

Art has always been a means of expressing myself and sharing my emotions to others in a way that they themselves may interpret.  It’s a true blessing to be able to do what you love and call it an occupation.  To have a career in art would be an absolute dream come true.  Additionally, running my own business will further my leadership skills both in a professional and in a parental aspect.

I simply cannot thank you enough for your generous donation to my future.