Dakota Hensley

Thank you for the continuing education, Dutton-Sonnevil Scholarship for $500. I am incredibly grateful for the continued support to pursue my masters degree in becoming a physician assistant.  I am looking to specialize in cardiology or endocrinology due to my current background in nuclear medicine.  This scholarship will go towards medical equipment needed during my didactic and clinical years along with paying tuition. Your generosity fills me with joy knowing the community that helped raise me in Gold Beach is still willing to support and help those achieving higher in education.

Becoming a physician assistant and medical provider has been in my mind since completing my degree in nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine has been a great career and I have grown as a healthcare professional, but I felt as though I was ready for more. I needed deeper connections with my patients and to be more involved with their care plans.  Now that I am going to physician assistant schooling, I am achieving these new goals.

I am thankful for this opportunity and award given to me by the Gold Beach Education Fund and Committee.  I will continue to strive and make those proud with my home town, my community and Idaho State University where I will complete my masters degree and graduate as a competent physician assistant.

Thank you again for your support and generosity.