Shandin Rickard

I want to sincerely thank you for the opportunity your generous donation affords me in my continued studies at OSU.  I am extremely impressed with the selfless generosity and empathy displayed by our community members toward Gold Beach’s student population.  I’m flattered to have been chosen from what I imagine was a large pool of applicants.


I love my courses at Oregon State University, and I love my work in OSU’s International Programs Office.  With my education I hope to someday, like you, make a positive difference in the lives of students – especially students from small towns like Gold Beach, wherein reside young people with huge potential and limited opportunities.  My interests lie specifically in the field of International Education; I plan to become recruiter, adviser, and eventually a director of an international programs office.  Your contribution to my final year here at OSU will be a great help in further developing my skills and knowledge before I graduate next year.