Lukas Cardoza

For the scholarships your organization has awarded me with, I offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation.  These two scholarships, the Effa Sage Scholarship and the Waltz Family Trust Health Care, will further enable me to achieve my long-term goals.  I assure you that I will devote my full effort towards achieving these goals, and your trust in me was not misplaced.  However, you can never simply trust words on paper to be anything other than empty assurances, so to backup my claims I’ll tell you what I have already accomplished.

 Throughout the course of my high school career I have been named student of the year in three different classes.  This shows that my teachers view me as an exemplary student who acts as role model for the other students.  Furthermore, in academic ranking I came in third, showing that I am a hard worker that won’t slack off on my studies to waste time at frat parties or the like.  This previous devotion I have shown towards my studies I intend to continue to practice throughout all of college.  Through utilizing these characteristics, I hope to be able to excel in college and first obtain a Bachelor’s Degree then go on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  After having finished my education, it is my desire to go on to work in a mental health hospital, so I can help others regain a sound body and mind.  Through your generosity, shown through the awardance of the previously mentioned scholarships.  you are directly helping me achieve these goals, and for that I thank you.