Kristina Welsh

I am honored to be selected for your generous continuing education scholarship.  After eight long years of commitment to becoming a veterinarian, the journey is nearly complete.  As a testament to the evolving financial state of the country, the debt load on students pursuing a professional degree is substantial.

The support of a local scholarship not only helps to shoulder the financial burden, but is a great source of pride, knowing community support and encouragement is readily available.  Receiving this award is yet another reflection of the importance a small community places on the future of their children, by providing opportunities to help them succeed.

Repaying the educational debt will most likely be a lifelong endeavor, however the opportunity to serve my community, the community which provided boundless support during my childhood, is an honor I look forward to. Growing up in our small coastal community has been a privelege, and solidified my commitment to practice rural veterinary medicine.  Although I am currently unsure of where I may begin practicing veterinary medicine, I am certain it will eventually lead me home.

Again, thank you for choosing me as one of your scholarship recipients.