Dakota Hensley

Thank you so much for your generous scholarship of $l,000.

Going through high school I played every sport and tried to participate In all extracurricular activities, which unfortunately left me with only enough time to have a weekend job. It has been tough to earn money and save for college. Being able to play sports my entire high school career and participating in extracurricular activities has been one of the best experience of my life. 

Since college has become so expensive. Your generous gift will help me tremendously, Going to the Oregon Institute of Technology and pursuing a career in radiologic sciences ha$ been my dream for quite some time. With this scholarship I will be able to continue my education and become a radiologic technician.  I have the drive to learn and succeed. 

On May 26th, 1 was named Valedictorian of Gold Beach High School’s graduating Class of 2016. I hope to continue being at the top of my class while attending Oregon Institute of Technology. 

Thank you again and I look forward to your continued support.